Nova Microblading Pencil

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Premium marking pencil for professional artists for natural eyebrow shaping.

You can use the edges for a finer line or just shave off the sides a create a sharp straight edge to draw the perfect line.

You get a set of Two with our luxury container bag.


  • Easy to peel off the layers
  • Stays on longer (for your guiding lines)
  • Doesn’t break off when sharpened

Premium Nova Microblading Pencil

The professional seasoned team at Nova Microblading created this premium marking pencil based on their years of experience. The saw how frustrating the cheaply made all the available microblading pencils in the market were, so they made sure to bring the best quality forth.

You can shave off both sides of the pencil to create a really sharp edge for those perfect thin line drawings or you can just use the edges of the pencil to draw your shape.

This package comes with two microblading pencils in a luxury containing bag.


  • Easy to peel off the layers at the desired length
  • Doesn’t wipe off easily and stays put longer even on oily skins
  • Doesn’t break off easy when sharpened