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Why Nova Microblading Supplies

Nova Microblading was founded by seasoned industry professionals to fill the void in the market or permanent makeup supplies.

At Nova Microblading we believe every artist should have world-class quality products at affordable prices.

We back our products with 100% Guarantee and 30 Day Return and Refunds, No questions Asked.

Developed by Artist for PMU Artists

Our Goal

We strive to help aspiring PMU artist to achieve long lasting and jaw-dropping results with every stroke.

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Microblading Supplies

We tested and created the NOVA Microblading Tools, Microblading Pens, Microblading Pigments, Microblading Accessories, Microblading Starter Kits based on our years of experience and extensive research.

You don't have to waste time, just dive right into using them and being successful.

Microblading Supplies USA

We are a Unite States of America based company and only ship to the USA.

Why we chose to strictly supply the US artist:

Due to regulations, tax tariffs, and the complexity of international shipping. All these factors would increase our expenses, which in turn would have to increase our prices.

By opting out of international shipping, we pass the savings directly to the Microblading artist. Nova Artists don't have to pay more for superior quality.


We would love for our tools to help artist around the world, but our it takes a lot of resources to do so.  


Microblading Blades

Can I buy just the blades?

At the beginning we offered microblading blades, but we saw a huge drop in popularity due to the fact that the disposable kits save time and resources for PMU artists.

Now we only offer disposables.


Microblading Eyebrows Supplies

If you're searching for Wholesale Microblading Supplies in LA, NYC, Miami, or near me you found the right place.

When you order from our website you get microblading supplies wholesale prices.

Artist can simply focus on running their business, we got you covert with your microblading supply list.



Permanent Makeup supplies

Nova PMU artist don't have to spend their precious time on research. We've done all the research for you.

We have tried all the permanent makeup equipment for sale, and came up with the best equipment needed for microblading.

At Nova we know that you'll love that tools, because we use them everyday too.

Microblading Supplies Amazon

Is there a benefit if I buy from Amazon instead of the Nova website?

We offer our Nova microblading supplies on Amazon as a convenience to our Artist. Our Amazon microblading supplies are the same as the ones on the website, is just an Artist preference.

All orders are shipped from the same warehouse, with the same shipping method and will arrive at the same time as if you order them from Amazon.

Permanent makeup supply store near me

Do you have a Microblading supply store near me?

We're available online, 24/7/365 (366 on Leap years ;) )

Our Microblading Supplies Online store is always open, and always near you.

Professional microblading Supplies

We research the most used microblading tattoo supplies used by artist around the world and developed our 3D microblading supplies.

Where to buy microblading inc supplies?

Head over to our Organic, Cruelty FREE Pigment page.

Fast Delivery

We use USPS First Class and Priority Mail Services on the majority of the orders. All orders are shipped within 24 Hours of purchase.

Secure Payment

We use Shopify secure check out System.

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