For those who haven’t heard about it, the secret for making fuller eyebrows that will make the person have realistic eyebrows is microblading. It’s the hassle-free solution that will reduce the time of getting ready in the morning so you can have more time and become more productive at home.

Microblading is an art; it’s all about making the person have beautiful eyebrows, realistic ones that most people won’t even recognize that they’re microbladed. The eyebrow that the microblading artist will vary from what the client’s face shape is.

The treatment makes use of a very fine microblading disposable tool that produces precise outcomes. The pen used in microblading holds 10 to 12 little needs at the end; these needles do not penetrate the skin. They just carefully scratch the surface to input the pigment. The needle finely puts featherweight strokes on the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, making realistic and natural hair strokes.

Now, for the question that most people are asking regarding microblading, how much does it cost? An ordinary microblading artist charges around $500. The cost includes the consultation, the first procedure, and the follow-up treatment.


Generally, there are 7 steps to microblading.

  1. Your artist will shape the brow area by threading the hair, and he’ll clean up the area and prepare it for the treatment to avoid any problems during the procedure.
  2. The artist will now apply a numbing cream. The numbing cream will make the treatment painless for the client so that it can go smoothly. The numbing cream will take effect after 40 minutes.
  3. While the numbing cream is taking effect, the artist will show the client a selection of color, and together they will decide the best shade for the look.
  4. After the numbing cream would have fully taken effect, the microblading artist will then start to measure the area and consider everything that is essential in making the microblading procedure a success.
  5. The microblading process begins. The microblading artist will gently put the pigment by making use of featherweight strokes. In this stage, if there is any discomfort, the numbing gel will be applied again.
  6. Your microblading artist will then add a final layer of pigment
  7. Done, the microblading process is finished, and the client will return in 6-8 weeks for their follow up session.



Initially, after the microblading procedure, the eyebrows will start to heal much like a tattoo. Irritation is inevitable, but don’t worry since it’s completely normal. During this time, avoid any scratching around the microbladed area.

    In the next ten days, the eyebrows may change in color and will look like they have faded, but actually, they haven’t its totally, and they’ll reveal the true form in 30 days.

    Microblading lasts anywhere between 12 months for oily skins up to 18 months for those who have standard skin types.

    Microblading doesn’t leave any scratch marks on the eyebrows so the procedure can be removed depending on the wishes of the client. Nevertheless, remember that there is a change in the color and weight of the eyebrow, but that’s completely normal.


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