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Welcome to Nova Microblading. We improve the appearance of eyebrows by using synthetic, organic pigments. Also offering the different tools and ingredients used in the dye of microblading and the excellent equipment of microblading.

Here at Nova Microblading, we offer four tools which are:
the following:

  1. Fourteen [14] Slant Disposable Microblading Tool
  2. Eighteen [18] Slant Disposable Microblading Tool
  3. 18U Disposable tool
  4. Cosmetic Pencil

Tackling the equipment and ingredients offered at Nova Microblading and how significant they are, you’re in luck! Come with us as we study the parts and components of the products as we provide brief descriptions that will help you understand microblading more.




This tool is a 6-in-1 pen toolkit with some impressive features. What do we mean by 6-in-1 pen toolkit? Well, it’s a pen, micro brush, a holder, blade, ruler and the perfect choice. It has attached a sharp-flawless needle to its pen. For accurate and thorough pigment application, it has a micro brush. It’s also a pigment an anesthetic holder. To make sure you always get the crispiest strokes, it’s also a blade wipe. It’s the easiest to measuring ruler to help you gain perfect symmetry and the perfect choice for professionals who want to keep their record tremendous and give their clients the perfect set of eyebrows.


Next, we have the 18 Slant disposable microblading tool. It’s one of the most comfortable pens that contains the sharpest blade in the industry. It also has a brush by the end of the tool to make the pigment and anesthetic application both more comfortable and convenient. It’s an adhesive blade cleaner for precise strokes, containing a disposable ruler to assist the artist to have perfect symmetry. There’s a two in one pigment and anesthetic ring holder


Next, we have the 18U whereas consumers will no longer waste time assembling the pen since we did that for you already. The most versatile tool, the U18 shaped blade has 18 super thin needles that are used to create the most beautiful curved natural eyebrow hair possible; this is the perfect blade for clients who possess little or no hair in their eyebrows. With different sizes, use this blade to create different length and follow the natural hair pattern of the eyebrow and achieve natural looking results. Masters prefer this blade because of the unique curved effect that it creates.


Last but not the least, we have the cosmetic pencil whereas you get a set of two for every purchase, including our luxurious container bag. The pen is easy to peel off the layers, stays longer for your guiding lines. It’s durable, meaning it won’t break off when sharpened. It’s safe to use on the skin and great for marking eyebrows shape for microblading. The ingredients are non-toxic and harmless on your body, used with non-toxic nonstimulating medical ink. The pencil is precise for those who are in the beginning stages of the permanent makeup eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip.


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