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Superior Eyebrow Microblading Supplies

Much like artwork masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, microbladed eyebrows wouldn’t have been possible to create without microblading supplies. Artworks aren’t possible to make without a canvas, brush, paint and other necessities. So, we don’t just need the artist and the client; we need a starter kit, the pigment, the microblades and the right tools for the job.Let’s go on with the starter kit needed for microblading.Nova Microblading offers the best of the best microblading starter kit there is. As it is geared toward serious permanent makeup artist, the package is fully loaded with about everything you need to start the hottest career in the microblading industry.
  • The kit includes the following materials:
  • Two Premium over eyebrow practice skins
  • Golden Mean Ratio measuring tool
  • Five starter microblading pigments: Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Brown, and Blue Stop (Warming Effect)
  • Two Active healing cream packs
  • A bottle of aftercare healing cream
  • Reusable stainless steel microblading tool
  • Five of each: Angled 17 Needle super sharp blade, Angled 14 Needle supersharp and flexible blade and Utilitarian U shaped 18 Needle super sharp blades
  • One premium easy sharp microblading marker pencil, carbon-based.
There you have it; Nova Microblading created this fantastic premium microblading kit for professional artists.Next up, we have microblading pigments.Of course, the pigments are the paint of the artwork. What good will strokes do if there is no paint or pigments to give life to the masterpiece or creation, right? Nova Microblading provides the most effective and lively pigments that allows microblading artists to created eyebrows true to color. Shake well before use and make sure to use it within one year after opening the bottle. The color is designed for professional purposes.Microblades, sharp and thin, they’ll help you deliver extra beautiful and crisp strokes every single time. Every pack contains fifty blades with the option to choose which type of blade. Nova Microblading offers three different blades. Slant 18, Slant 14 and U18 Microblades.Last but not the least, we have the disposable 6-in-1 microblading tools. Different microblading tools are needed in order o create the perfect masterpiece for the client. Various devices for before, during and after the procedure are present. Such as the Drawing pencil for guidelines.Back to Microblading Supplies Home Page

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