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Where to buy Microblading Supplies

Do you find yourself asking the questions where to buy the best microblading tools in the market? You’ve come to the right place.

Our tools are designed by Professional Microblading artists for Serious PMU artists. Once you try our tools and see how easy and comfortable they are to work with, you will never want to work with other tools again.

Which Microblading Tool should I use

Each tool is used for a specific hair stroke and style.

Here’s a quick rundown of which tools are best for what you’re trying to achieve:

14 Slant Tool is best for short and fine hair strokes, ideal for detailed and clean work.

18 Slant Tool is best for longer strokes. Even though the needle thickness is the same on all the blades, the 18 slant is ideal for thick, long, and bold beautiful brow strokes.

18 U Tool is the most versatile one. It’s ideal for letting a talented artist perform the beautifully curved hair strokes. It’s flexible, comfortable, and very easy to maneuver.


Disposable Supplies for Microblading

All of our microblading eyebrows supplies come individually packaged and includes:

  1. Blade and Pen tool
  2. Brush
  3. Measuring Ruler
  4. Blade Wipe
  5. Pigment/anesthetic holder
What material are the eyebrow microblading tools made with?

We ensure the highest quality for our blades:

Using the highest 316 surgical grade stainless steel and .18 needle gauge making our needles the sharpest in the market.

The plastic in themed wrap gives flexibility lowering skin damage.

The pen is precisely measured to naturally balance itself in your hand while providing you with the utmost comfort when holding the non-slip rubber comfortable grip.

The brush is the perfect size and quality aiding you in easily inserting the extra pigment in the Strokes. Much better than any single applicator in the market, trust us we have tried them all.

This tool was created by professionals for professionals.


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